About Goggull

Goggull is an innovative line of fashionable safety goggles featuring interchangeable blue blockers and sun lenses. All Goggull frames are made from a highly durable, flexible thermoplastic called TR90, and meet the Z87 standard for Occuptional and Educational Eye and Face Protection as accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Created by the founder to address a personal sensitivity to light, each purchase includes one clear, anti-blue light lens, which blocks 35% of harsh blue light, along with your choice of sun lens. All lenses include anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective coatings. Prescription inserts will be available in the near future.

As a brand, Goggull is committed to being the boldest eyewear in the room and on the Internet. Goggull’s patent-pending design screams “drama” without saying a word. We are bold but not aggressive; modern but not contrived; retro but not ironic.


About the Founder

My name is Erin Vargo. The concept for Goggull was developed after I ruined my eyes over years of exposing myself to blue light screens while employed as a speechwriter and ghostwriter working on LED screens late into the night. For a decade, I was on a cocktail of medically required tranquilizers that had desensitized my vision, hearing, and tactile sensation. I developed hypersensitivity to light after detoxing from the medications a number of years ago and resigned myself to wearing glasses. Plagued by an insufferable devotion to self-expression and daring style, I decided to manufacture my own line of functional and ridiculously fashionable eyewear, developing the Goggull aesthetic and functionality over many months of product testing and feedback from 2018 to 2019. I am proud to launch my first collection in late 2019.

Erin Vargo_2019_Designer Headshot.jpg